Noer the Boy ModPack Vol. 1 Out Now


From my lab to yours, I present you my first sample pack. 80 samples comprised of modular and modulated sounds, for use in your productions.

You can purchase it below:

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ModPack Vol. 1
15 Basses
11 Claps
11 Snares
10 Kicks
10 Textures
10 Hats/Cymbals
7 Vox One Shots/Loops
6 Synth Loops
80 total samples

Noer the Boy ModPack Vol. 1 Out Now

Ganzfeld EP Out Now on DIVISION

cover3000 (1).png

This EP represents my growth as an artist, focusing on rhythmic restraint, melodic development, and experimental sound design. It’s named after the Ganzfeld Effect, a phenomenon caused by exposure to an unstructured and constant stimulation field. The brain attempts to fill the missing visual information by boosting neural noise, which results in hallucinations. The world that Ganzfeld exists in is a series of hallucinatory adventures, with each song being an episode in the journey.

For all of the available streaming and download options, you can find that here:


Ganzfeld EP Out Now on DIVISION